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Our regular lawn mowing service is essential for keeping your lawn healthy. Leaving lawns to become over grown is bad for your lawns health. 

Having a lawn mowing service gives you that peace of mind that your lawns won't become over grown and will be tidy all year round. 

The way Lawnsville mows lawns:

First we cut the edges with the weed eater, then mow the lawns with a catcher removing grass clippings, after that we blow any derbies of the pathways.

Banks and any areas too steep for a lawn mower will be cut with a weed eater.

Regular lawn mowing quotes don't take long and can be done without anyone there unless requested. Quotes will then be sent to your email via xero later that day, once you've clicked accept quote we will be in touch and schedule you in to our regular lawn service.

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Property tidy up's/gardening are a great way to keep your place looking tidy and less of a jungle.
We dig out, trim back, top, take away and make your property tidy.

This before and after photo shows a number of our gardening/property tidy services and below is a list of all of our gardening/property tidy's:

- Weeding
-Hedge trimming
-Tree trimming
-weed spraying
-Green waste removal
-Lawn mowing

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